Warranty and Returns

Conditions for using the right of refusal

A. Right of refusal:

1. The buyer of our store has the right to cancel the contract within fourteen (14) days.

2. The right of refusal will end after 14 days from the date when you or a third person purchased (received) the goods and the person you indicated received the goods in possession.

3. In order to use the right of refusal, you must inform us by e-mail sales@giftforyou.shop about the decision to cancel the contract, fill out the return form, indicating the reasons for the refusal with photo attachment, in case the goods turned out to be defective.

B. Consequences of the refusal:

1. If you refuse the remote contract, we will return all payments received from you, not later than 14 days from the receipt of the goods returned to the supplier.

2. You must send the goods to the address of the Vendor or our address not later than 7 days after the day when you informed us of your decision to refuse the contract. The terms and conditions of return are met if you return the goods back to the end of the period of 14 days.

3. Sending the goods back to the supplier using the courier services, you agree with the act of receiving the goods, its visual status and the bundle made unilaterally by the supplier of the goods.

4. You are responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the goods during the period of realization of the right to refuse.

C. The consumer cannot exercise the right to refuse

1. The goods are manufactured on behalf of the Consumer or personalized;

2. The goods have deteriorated or the expiry date is soon expiring;

3. The consumer opened the packaging of the goods, damaged the safety seal, which for reasons of health and hygiene cannot be returned back,

4. The product is mechanically and / or externally damaged;

On the website of UAB "Ecomedia Group" www.giftforyou.shop there are posted forms for the use of the right to refuse the goods.