Warranty and Returns

Product returns and warranty

Customers of Giftforyou online shop, who have purchased a product of inappropriate quality have a right to require replacement or return. The procedure for replacement and return of products is carried out in accordance with regulations established in the article 363 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and in the rules of retail trade.

Peculiarities of non-food products return and exchange

A customer who has been sold a product of inappropriate quality has a right to:

1. Require the seller to eliminate the defects of the product free of charge (to repair the product);

2. Require the seller to replace a product of inappropriate quality free of charge with a good quality product;

3. Require the seller to reduce the price accordingly;

4. Unilaterally terminate the contract and demand repayment of the price paid. The customer has no right to demand termination of the contract if the defect of the product is insignificant.

When the customer terminates the contract for an inappropriate quality of the product, the seller must return the price paid immediately after the receipt of an inappropriate quality product. If at the time of acceptance of an inappropriate quality product, the seller does not have the required amount of money to be returned, it must be returned to the consumer no later than 15 days after the receipt of product, unless otherwise agreed between the seller and the customer.

The cost of returning a product of inappropriate quality goes to the seller.

In all other cases, the customer is entitled to compensation for the losses caused by the sale of a product of inappropriate quality. The elimination of defects of a product is also considered to be losses if the seller has not eliminated the defects within a reasonable period of time and it was done by the customer or third parties.

The seller is responsible for the product‘s defects which become evident within two years after delivery unless the law or contract provides for another term.

If not proven otherwise, a defect of the product, within 6 months of the product being transferred, is considered to have been existing at the time of the transfer, unless those cases, when it is incompatible with the format of the product.

Contacting the seller and the service provider

The products are replaced and returned at the consumer's written request, in which he is required to state the reason (defect of product) for which the purchased product does not satisfy the consumer and one of the requirements. The request must be sent by email The request form is accompanied by a document confirming the purchase-sale of the product from this vendor, a photo of the product showing that it was defective or not in accordance with the product description.

Product exchange place

The customer, upon submitting a request for replacement of the product, is informed about the product‘s dispatch to the seller time, place (address) and payment.

All returned products must have authentic labels, protective bags and original packaging.

Retail trade rules distinguish a list of products where the customer's requirement to replace a disliked good quality product with an analogous one or refund the money paid for it can only be met with the seller's consent. The list includes these products:

• perfumery, cosmetic and toilet preparations;

• photography and cinematography products;

• printed books, reproductions and other articles of the printing industry;

• knitted men, boys, women or girls underwear;

• baby clothes;

• tights, socks, anklets and other similar articles;

• sewn men, boys, women or girls underwear, nightdresses, pyjamas and other similar articles;

• bras, waistcoats, corsets and other similar articles;

• pearls, gemstones, precious metals and other similar articles (excluding imitation jewellery);

• machinery and mechanical equipment;

• electrical machinery and equipment, sound recorders and reproducers, and TV video and sound recorders and reproducers;

• road transport measures;

• Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measurement, control, medical or surgical devices and apparatus;

• watches;

• music instruments;

• furniture, bedding, lighting;

• toys, games (except sports and fishing tackle);

• works of art, collectibles and antiques.

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