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Have you ever asked yourself why you choose one or another brand? What qualities should your cosmetics stand out for? And most importantly, is there a cosmetic that not only creates perfect make-up, but also take care of your skin?

Our team conducted a survey to find out what is most important to our women when choosing cosmetics. Many choose a brand that is popular among friends. For some, the most important thing is how cosmetics cover the skin and how it looks on the face while others look at a price of the product. Every woman had her own advantages and for many it seemed impossible to find an ideal product that wouldn't be harmful for health, create a perfect make-up and ensure a proper skin care.

First of all, let's admit that there is nothing more valuable than our health and youth! That's why you definitely need to look at the ingredients of cosmetics you use. What's worse: a lead in lipstick or a mercury in mascara? These substances accumulate in your body! 

Parabens, that many cosmetic products contain? The most known are methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben, isobutyl paraben, isopropyl paraben, benzyl paraben. These preservatives cause cancer.

A very dangerous carcinogen is talc. Its hazard was described in a study which showed that talc's structure is similar to that of asbestos that causes cancer. Talc clogs pores and promotes an appearance of acne.

What is bismuth? Bismuth particles have uneven edges that can cause skin micro trauma. This allows a bacteria to enter the skin, cause acne and opens the way for infection. About 60% of consumers who used mineral cosmetics containing bismuth had adverse skin reactions compared to people using mineral cosmetics without bismuth.

Mineral oils have nothing to do with minerals, they are an oil refinery products. Mineral oils weaken protective and regenerating properties of the skin, resulting in slower growth of skin cells.

It is important for all people, regardless of age and gender, to live as long as possible staying beautiful and without illnesses.

That's why Bellapierreoffers a wide range of 100% mineral cosmetics without harmful chemical elements.

Unique cosmetics provide a beautiful, modern make-up and at the same time take care of your skin, slow down the aging process and maintain health.It's time to be healthy and beautiful with Bellapiere!

Source: Mineral Project OÜ


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