Facial skin care features during winter's cold season

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Facial skin care features during winter's cold season

Warm down jackets and natural fur surely protect us from winter frost. But facial skin doesn't receive such protection, it is forced to endure all the sudden changes in weather. How can you help your skin survive during the toughest season and avoid irreversible losses? So let's talk about skin care in winter.

In addition to the cold itself, sudden changes in temperature are very damaging to the skin. It has a particularly strong effect on face capillaries and small blood vessels, which are very close to the surface of the skin and don't have a reliable fat protection. From frequent and sudden contraction and expansion, they are vulnerable, lose elasticity and look like a seamy blood vessel mesh on the face called couperose. This problem is further extended by inappropriate skin care, regardless of season of the year and temperature of the air.

Another obvious consequence of the cold winter is cracked and dry skin. The reason of it is the same - changes in temperature, as well as inappropriate skin care: insufficient moisturizing and nourishing in winter. Central heating makes indoor air a real desert, where is no moisture left. It is very difficult to maintain normal skin moisture under such conditions. However, proper care and attention to skin care will help to reduce the appearance of its problems.

Let's take a look at the 5 main facial skin care features in the winter:

1. Facial skin cleansing;

2. Moistening;

3. Nourishing (cream);

4. Protection against couperose;

5. Decorative cosmetics.


Washing and cleaning

Any facial cleansing procedures should be done in advance, not just before going to the cold. The face should be washed with room temperature water (not cold or hot - it will further irritate capillaries, and they are already going through enough stress). For deep cleansing, it is better to choose delicate products that don't cause microtrauma. These are soft facial scrubs and peelings, not rough scrubs and soap or spirits based products. The cleaning shouldn't completely remove protective skin-fat layer. Make sure skin is cleaned at least a few hours before going outside.

Skin moistening

In the winter, skin moistening should be more intense than in other seasons. But here's also the rule - skin moistening should be done before night or at least several hours before going to the cold. In general, this principle applies to all skin care treatments during the cold season. Moisture, which doesn't have enough time to get into deep skin layers, responds to the principles of physics in the cold: it expands and breaks the surrounding tissues. Effects on the skin may be irreversible.


Facial skin nourishing in winter is important. Different creams and home masks are the most effective in maintaining skin elasticity and resistance to stress. Fatty creams are suitable in winter - it helps to create a protective layer on the skin.

Special creams are applied half an hour before going to the cold - so that the moisturizing ingredients would be able to absorb deeply, and the fat components would cover the skin with a protective layer.  In winter it's beneficial to use vegetable oils for facial masks (shea butter, olive oil, cocoa butter), adding them to a sour cream.

Protection against couperose

In addition to all the above procedures and their careful performance, it's essential to supplement your diet with products that affect vascular elasticity. It should contain vitamins A, E, C. In order to protect the blood vessels from the inside, you can add a greasy mixture of vitamins to masks that act on the skin from the outside. However, if couperose still occurs, you will need to use medicines containing rutin, chestnut or linden extracts.

Decorative cosmetics

A thick layer of decorative cosmetics looks strange and weird in summer, but in winter it can become an additional protection. All measures should be thicker and greasy, but don't cause even greater skin problems according to the skin's condition and properties. It's very important that used cosmetics include UV filters - the sun is deceptive in winter and the reflective properties of snow reinforce harmful effects.


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