About us

We wish everyone...
To find useful products in our store.
Products for beauty and health, goods for home and business, gifts for friends and relatives.

Advantages for buyers

• Safe shopping.

• Convenient gifts delivery to Latvia and Lithuania.

• Guarantees and return/replacement of goods according to the law.

• A gift card that allows your friends to choose exactly the gift they want.

• Loyalty program.

• Products at producers prices without intermediaries.

• Protection of personal data, in accordance with the law of the European Union on the protection of personal data.

• Secure SSL connection with the store.


Advantages for partners

• No additional investment in the sale of products.

• Qualitative description of the products and translation into 4 languages.

• A separate window for each partner.

• Advertising of the products on the Internet and media-channel "EcoMedia".


First of all, for or each of us a gift is an expectation of a miracle!

Give people a good mood and emotions, give gifts! Surprise each other!


Company Director: Sofjins Sergejs

Team Ecomedia group UAB

[email protected]

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