Miss Kay is no mystery

Posted by   Diana Mažeikė

Miss Kay is no mystery

She’s everything you are. Miss Kay unravels the mystery in you. She’s a mood mirror. A story teller. She is the scent you can see. She’s everything you are, and everything you want to be.

Your story belongs to you. It’s made up of every day, every moment, every vibe you’ve ever felt. There are no rules, just the essence of you. Sssh! Listen closely. Miss Kay wants to tell your scent story.

RIDE THE WAVES … Sail away on a nautical dream… The clean, fresh notes of this sea-inspired fragrance capture the power of adventure. The rhythm of the rolling waves calms your mood and makes you feel alive. Explore your sense of curiosity on the fresh, open ocean of your imagination.

With FOREST MIST get lost in the fresh fantasy of the forest. Hear the whisper of the breeze. Watch the glow of buzzing fireflies. Tones of warm musk and fresh wild berry make the imagination run wild. The lush canopy of treetops above inspires you to stop and sense the hidden secrets of nature.

Lost in a dream world with DAYDREAMER. Nestle your mind on soft, wispy clouds. Reflect on your passions and imagine the possibilities. Classic musk and vanilla fragrance brings out your pensive, pastel side. Gently blow on a dandelion flower and the seeds of your dreams will fly with the wind!

SUNSET BLISS - Feels like the soft caress of a sunset breeze. Sensuous, warm and soft, this quiet yet intense fragrance feels like the soft caress of a sunset breeze. Lie back in the soft meadow and clear your mind. There’s nothing but miles and miles of golden grass, glittering in the glow of warm evening light.

A funky mix of edgy & sweet - WILD AND FREE. Hell yeah...go for it! Upside down. Inside out. Right, then, left! Go against the flow. Stand out in the crowd. If it feels right, go for it! This carefree fragrance is a funky mix of sweet & sharp, wild & whimsical, bold & blooming. The sun is shining, the moment is now. Make the world smile.

The lights are down, the music loud and the night is just beginning. DARK NIGHT …  Spicy hot passion… Warm up with a spicy, exotic scent that goes perfectly with your sassy attitude and high heels. Show off your sensual side with red hot passion and irresistible fragrance to match.

URBAN LOVE - сity style.Bright lights, big city… get lost among the masses, but create your own ‘you’ from the infinite possibilities of the urban fantasy. This bold, sweet and tangy fragrance brings out the confident part of your personality. Never give up on your dreams, or your sense of daring originality. The city is calling you!

Adventure awaits! BON VOYAGE - layers of adventure. Suitcase? Check! Passport? Check! Camera? Check! Your journey awaits. Fall in love with France, hike the hills of Italy, take a selfie with the Queen. This rich, slightly fruity scent is the perfect travel companion. Be inspired, expand your horizons. It’s the trip of a lifetime!

Spring in a bottle BLOSSOM BLISS. The beauty of nature captured in a bottle! Happy floral and fruity tones uplift your mood. Dream your way across an open green field, tall grass swaying in the breeze…take off your shoes and let down your hair. Spring is in the air!

SOFT CUDDLE - cozy in bed. Pattering rain. Whistling wind. The soothing tones of this clean, delicate fragrance make it seem like a serene winter wonderland outside. Curl up under a thick blanket, sip a mug of smooth hot chocolate, relax in the warm cozy comfort of flickering firelight.

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