Zyle Blender, ZY319BL​

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Kokteilinė Zyle ZY319BL

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Zyle Blender, ZY319BL​


Zyle Blender, ZY319BL

Prepare delicious and nutritious smoothies and cocktails for yourself and your family with this attractive, multifunctional Zyle blender. Thanks to the sharp blade of the device, you can whip up a refreshing and energizing cocktail in just a few seconds and you can even break the ice cream!

Just fill the cocktail bottle with the ingredients you want, screw it to the main part of the Zyle device, shake it for a few seconds, unscrew it and you can already enjoy the delicious and nutritious smoothies or juices!

This Zyle blender is perfect for active sportsmen and those who care about a healthy diet, because after shaking the cocktails you can take them with you immediately. Zyle cocktail bottles have a tight-fitting, airtight lid that is drip-proof and a convenient storage handle that allows you to take your favorite drinks with you when you go to the gym.

High quality stainless steel blade

Thanks to the sharp, stainless steel blade, you will beat wonderful green, milk or fruit cocktails.

Two types of blades

Cross blades for beating cocktails;

Extremely sharp stainless steel blade with 2 cutting edges for quick and easy grinding of coffee, chopping herbs, dried vegetables, spice mixes.

Large abundance of cups

This Zyle blender has many different sized cups for the whole family. From now on, you can enjoy healthy cocktails all together!

2 speeds and pulsation mode

Just turn the cocktail wheel and you can change the chopping speed of the food.

Removable blades

The blade can be easily removed from the blenders' container and cleaned easily and efficiently.

Zyle Blender Features:

Power: 380 W;

High quality stainless steel blade;

Overheating protection;

LED indicator lights.


300 ml. capacity cup;

500 ml. capacity cup;

500 ml. container;

Two 500 ml. capacity bottles;

Stainless steel blades for grinding;

Cross blade for smoothing and crushing ice.

Take care of your healthy diet with the Zyle blender!

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