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Burnos irigatorius OSOM Oral Care Mint OSOMORALWF128MINT, IPX7, LCD ekranėlis, žalsva spalva

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OSOM Oral Care Mint Oral irrigator green color , OSOMORALWF128MINT



Oral irrigator OSOM Oral Care Mint, OSOMORALWF128MINT, IPX7, LCD screen, green color

The OSOM Oral Care Mint Oral Irrigator removes food debris from the interdental space with a stream of water. This is a great alternative to interdental floss. Take care of your teeth and gums much easier and more efficiently with this high quality oral irrigator. It is also an indispensable device for proper maintenance of braces.

Comprehensive oral care

A stream of water removes bacteria from the periodontal pockets. A strong water jet gently massages the gums and makes daily oral care a pleasure.

Maintenance of bridges, crowns or braces

The OSOM Oral Care Irrigator makes brace maintenance and cleaning particularly easy. A stream of water removes trapped food particles from bridges, crowns or braces.

Water flow regulation

Select the required mode as needed. Choose between the lowest SOFT current at the beginning of the mode, the NORMAL mode, or the PULSE water stream to release stubborn food particles in the interdental space.

Large water capacity

Large water tanks will last for 45 s. continuous operation of the device.

Easy to clean

The appliance has an easy-to-clean water tank with a sealed water filler cap. You can also remove the nozzle with just one click of a button.

Usage tips:

• Direct the flow of water perpendicular to the teeth or between the teeth and gums.

• Spray with a short stop on each tooth until you clean all the teeth.

• Start with the rear teeth and move to the front teeth.

• Pay special attention to interdental spaces and staples (if any).

• Hold the device perpendicular for best results.

Usage modes:

• NORMAL - medium strength cleaning. Pressure 40-90 PSI. 6000-7000 rpm

• SOFT - gentle cleaning of teeth and gums. Pressure 20-50 PSI. 5000-6500 rpm

• PULSE - Efficient removal of plaque and food debris with a strong, pulsating current. Pressure 15-90 PSI. 4000-7000 rpm

Different nozzles:

• Routine cleaning nozzle. Use this nozzle to clean plaque and whiten your teeth.

• Orthodontic nozzle. Clean and rinse hard-to-reach areas around braces and other areas that require special care.

• Tongue cleaning nozzle. This nozzle will help eliminate bad breath and keep you refreshed. Select the pulsation mode and easily attach the nozzle in the middle of the tongue.

Exclusive features of the oral irrigator:

• Ergonomic and comfortable handle.

• Large, easy-to-clean water tank.

• Operating modes: medium - gentle - pulsating.

• Sufficient water capacity: 45 s. operation.

• Charging time: 16 hours.

• Easily removable nozzle.

• Included nozzles: normal / orthodontic / tongue cleaning.

• Charge indicator: yes.

• LCD screen: yes.

• Water protection: IPX7.

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