Why Every Child Need Constructor?

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Why Every Child Need Constructor?


“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” - Fred Rogers.

Development of Fine Motor Skills

Psychologists and scientists officially state: when children connect parts with each other, their finger muscles elasticity is being developed, along with their brain activity.

Cubes stimulate the development of imagination, teach kids to recognize colours, shapes and sizes.

Mosaic educate imagination, creative world perception, movement coordination and colour perception.

Blocks of various shapes and colours - in addition to the features described above, it also improves the perception of space.

Constructors are a great tool for the development of fine motor skills and bring great benefits to mental activity enhancement.

When constructing, the movements of hands are coordinated processes of motion, nerves and vision systems.


Stimulates persistence

This is an extremely important feature in modern living conditions. Not many things can distract young generation from digital devices, and even more - to quietly engage in one activity, rather than several at once. In order to assemble the constructor, much attention, patience and persistence are required.


Speech Development in Children

According to experts, the brain area responsible for speaking and writing skills is more developed in those children, who had a constructor during their childhood, along with other toys.

Formation of Basic Engineering Skills

Perhaps the child won't become an engineer, but structural and logical thinking didn't hurt anyone. This is also relevant for girls. These abilities can't be categorized into "Men" and "Women" in no way! The assembly of large constructor develops design and construction skills according to the scheme.

Establishment of Mathematics and Physics Basis

When constructing, it's necessary to count the details and to think about the balance, stability, size of construction - that's what the elementary physics is. This develops spatial perception and children unconsciously use mathematical knowledge.

Education of Creativity and Imagination

The game with a constructor is based on the principle - from simple to advanced, i.e. the older the child, the more interesting engineering ideas are born in his imagination.

The Constructor is Assembled with All Family Members

Assembly of the constructor is a great family leisure activity - interesting for parents, attractive for mothers, even grandparents can join. It's very useful for a sustainable development of the child. Adults are constructing with pleasure because this activity doesn't have an age limit, moreover, helping the child and giving him a pleasure of being together is always beneficial.

Useful tips:

• Parents' participation is essential for the development of children's creativity. Kids love to spend time with them, which means that the atmosphere of the learning process will be favourable.

• Never criticize the child during a game if something goes wrong. Praise him for every achievement, even a small one!

• During the game, ask the child questions that will stimulate his imagination, together create different stories, for example, about his favourite cartoon heroes.


Dear parents, remember that every child should have a constructor!


In one small box with different details, cubes or magnets, there are so many hidden abilities, skills and knowledge that are essential for the further formation and development of your child's personality. Don't waste time, give your dearest little person a brain-training machine!

In our store, you can buy a unique constructor for your child's comprehensive creativity development from the first years of life to adolescence.

Constructors are inevitably needed for the development of child's memory, logical thinking, fine motor skills, counting abilities, constructing and modelling skills, as well as familiarity with the principles of physics, chemistry, math, mechanics, optics, and harmonious work of all mechanisms. Each set gives the opportunity to spend evenings with your child assembling various models, using instructions or your imagination.

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