Innovative products for the protection and care of Apparel and footwear

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You will iron with us your clothes for a minute without an iron; you will wash away the smudged stain without water and soap. In rainy weather, make shoes or sneakers waterproof, and at night a reflective spray will protect against auto.

HYDROP CLEAN - Dry cleaning foam for leather,rubber and synthetic materials. Designed for cleaning complex contaminants and regular cleaning of cloth, leather, and rubber. Thick foam removes even stale dirt. Does not require the use of water. Safe for bright and colored shoes, compatible with all types of leather, nubuck, suede, cotton and synthetics.
HYDROP Textile - Protects clothes and shoes from moisture an liquid contaminants. Water and dirt do not absorb into the treated surface and are easily removed. Suffices for 7-10 pairs of shoes or 2-3 sq.m. Textile surface. One treatment will last 2-3 months on shoes and up to 5 washes on clothes.
FRESH “Liquid Iron” smoothes creases on clothes without iron. It is intended for giving freshness, disinfection, elimination of smells and folds on clothes. Apply to a dry cloth. Suitable for all natural materials. Indispensable for delicate items and silk products.


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