How to Choose Knives for Cooking

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Choosing a knife for professional chefs is a peculiar science, consisting of certain secrets and subtleties, because for a chef, a knife is like an extension of his hand.

For us, people who are not professionals in the kitchen, there is no need to know all the rules and collect the entire set of kitchen tools. However, you need to know how to choose a "kitchen trio" and this article will help you.


The knife consists of 2 main parts: blade and handle. The knife handle is mostly made of wood, iron, leather and organic glass. For the kitchen knife, the optimal handle is wood, which is light, sturdy and very important - it won't slip off your hand.

Stainless steel is the most commonly used for knife blades. It is better not to buy plain steel knives, because such knives quickly lose their essential properties, get blunt, darken and give an unpleasant aftertaste to products. We recommend to choose 95x18 steel blades - excellent steel with high corrosion resistance, good cutting ability and flexibility.

How to Choose a Good Kitchen Knife?

It is worth paying attention to the blades width. Wide blades cuts evenly, but it will be quite uncomfortable to use such a knife. It is much more convenient to cut with a narrow blade, but the cut will be smaller. It is best to choose something in between.

If you pay attention to the sharpened part of the knife blades and see the matte perpendicular lines, it means that the blades were laser sharpened. Such knives are laser-hardened during forging and practically don't require sharpening. They are always more expensive than conventional knives.

When buying a knife, it is worth paying attention to the attachment of handle and knife. It is not recommended to buy knives with a plastic handle and no rivets, as the blades of this kind of a knife only partially enters the handle and over time may simply fall out.

 What makes up the “Kitchen Trio“?

- Let's see what knives are most commonly used in the kitchen. This is the so-called "kitchen trio". Chef's knife - the main knife in every kitchen.


- Serrated knife for cutting bread, fruits, vegetables and cakes. The knife has serrated blades which are very convenient for cutting soft products.


- Knife for peeling vegetables, chopping garlic and other small products


What is better - to buy a set of knives, or to buy knives separately? 

 Usually, a knife set is more profitable financially and will cost you less. However, it's not always possible to find a set that is ideal for composition and quality. It's better to spend most of your budget on a good, main "chef's" knife and you can buy the rest of the knives cheaper


Instead of a serrated bread knife, you can buy a medium knife with a regular 13-20 cm blades.

You can easily replace a set of three knives with two knives - a large main knife and a small vegetable knife.

However, if two knives seem too much for you, you can perfectly prepare food with one chef's knife. One but high quality handy knife made just for you.


How to store knives?

We all think we know how to properly store knives, nevertheless, seemingly insignificant mistakes can severely compromise the essential properties of knives.

• Knives are best kept on a magnetic holder or stand.

• Protect your knives against rubbing against each other and other metal objects.

• Don't use boards made of glass or stone, prefer wood and plastic.

• Never leave your knives in the water or with dirty dishes.

• Professional knives have to be washed by hand, because when using dishwasher, the knives quickly get blunt.

• Don't heat knives.

Don't save on knives, remember - a good, expensive knife is not only quality and fast work in the kitchen. It will help you to enjoy cooking, that not every knife can provide.

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