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What do we know about Amber? It is an accent of a national costume, one of the main Lithuanian or Latvian souvenirs, due to which foreign tourists are determined to open their wallets widely. But when did you last see a woman wearing an amber necklace? Bijouterie, other semiprecious stones, jewellery of gold and silver replaced them. And once our great-grandmothers and grannies adorned themselves with amber necklaces not only because of an optimistically orangey colour.

The number of amber acids found in Baltic amber is the biggest of all types of amber found in the world. It is said that acids have a positive effect on the health of people who wear amber. Today Lithuanians are kind of rediscovering fields of amber usage. Amber powder is used for face masks and various massages, wrappings. Amber is used for incense, spirit drinks and tea, while amber jewellery is already classified as ordinary, intended for new-borns or even for dogs.

Amber is probably the only jewellery which has a negative electrical charge. It is also called an amorphous crystal. From ancient times it was believed that amber carries harmony, concord, mood, joy, beauty, health, love, physical strength, peace. And cosmetic amber properties are much stronger than all other minerals combined. The Baltic amber is like an energy storage of electrons. These electrons act as antioxidants, therefore, they are said to provide health and help to keep youthful appearance longer.

We offer you a new acquaintance with amber. Buy a gift set "Amber Magic", which contains: amber incense, amber tea, amber powder and amber soap. Experience, try and appreciate what has been found in our land since ancient times.

ARZAGALLERY Gift Set "Amber magic"

The Baltic amber has been valued for its healing qualities since ancient times. For ages, the Lithuanians not only used amber for decorative purposes, but were also aware of amber‘s positive influence on health, resulting from its special energetic qualities.

Amber tea

Among all kinds of amber that may be found around the world, it is the Baltic amber exclusively that contains the succinic acid, which acts as an excellent stimulant, strengthening the immune system of a human organism. The amber tea reduces the tension of water, thus significantly improving its absorption.

Preparation method. Around 50 grams of the fine raw amber pieces are needed to prepare half a litre of amber tea. Amber must be scalded with boiling water before using it for the first time. It must then be brewed with boiling water for 20-30 minutes constantly warming the teapot with the help of a small burning candle under it. After this procedure is over, you will be able to enjoy your tea filled with magic amber powers. Once used, the amber pieces may serve for another 15-20 times, rewarding you with a stronger effect and a better quality with every single brewing.

Baltic Amber Incense

Embed an amber insence into a burner and experience beautifulsecrets full of centuries:

• Amber has a power to protect and intercede.

• Amber is incedensed during the rites, puryfying the athmosphere, meditating and healing.

• Insence is made of natural Baltic amber combined with natural binder.

• Amber insence it is renowed for its positive impact on suffering airway and painful ears.

• Burning insence emits a pleasantly sharp amber etherics oil.

• It is recomended to burn not more than 0,5-1 cm of insence at once. The fragrance is intense!

Amber Soap

Amber Soap handcrafted from 100% natural, ecological ingredients. It was made by cold process, which means that heat has not reduced or altered the properties of its valuable base oils, which are necessary to moisturize, nourish and soothe your skin. It is a unique soap, because It is made with powdered Baltic amber, using a technology that was created expressly for this soap. The amber, which carries the energy of the five elements from over 50 million years ago, infuses soap with the power to purify, freshen, heal and rejuvenate. Soap has inherited its magic aroma, reminiscent of primordial forests. Soap produces a light foam, and is gentle on your skin.

Amber Powder

It is a very finely ground amber, which color and consistency is similar to a real bare powder. But in fact, this powder consists of small and solid particles of amber, which does not dissolve in water or absorb into the skin. By mixing amber powder with water or oil you can make a mask, body-peeling or simply rub the skin with yellow powder. It is believed, that the essence of amber cosmetics is effect of its energy on the skin. Amber cannot absorb, but it can pass its active ingredients, which are of ecpecially valuable plant origin (amber - coniferous trees' resin), to the skin.

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