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Each of us spends a significant part of life sleeping, and our well-being, mood, health depends on the quality of our sleep. During sleep, all organs are relaxed and the parasympathetic nervous system eliminates disorders that occur in the body during the day.

The body contacts with bedding all night so it can directly affect the quality of sleep. Your bedding determines whether the rest will be comfortable and calm, or vice versa - you will be rolling over and feel uncomfortable all night.

How to choose the most suitable bedding for a healthy night's rest and esthetic comfort?


Benefits of high-quality bedding for people


There's no doubt that a good bedding should be made of natural fibre cloth. It can have good air permeability, which is very important for normal skin thermoregulation. Synthetic fabric bedding creates bath effect, prevents natural air exchange, causes irritation, and has a negative effect on the work of the cardiovascular system.


Medical research has shown that over one year, due to metabolic processes, a person leaves about a kilogram of dead skin cells on bed sheets. Taking this into account, it's understandable why it's so important to choose the most suitable bedding for our body.


Types of fabrics for bedding


Bedding types: cotton, linen, silk, synthetic. Can also be sewn from blended fabrics - cotton and linen or cotton and synthetics. Satin, damask, batiste, flannel, knitwear - also cotton, only woven in another way.


Cotton is a durable cloth. Bedding made of it will last a long time. The quality and strength of the fabric depend on density. That is to say, how many grams of cotton is in one square meter. 200-220 grams per square meter - high density. A bedding made of such fabric will wear out less quickly.


Canvas is perfect for bed lining sets. This dense, wear-resistant fabric has all the necessary bedding features. Products made from this fabric are well-washed, easy to iron, their price is affordable, withstand many washings. The canvas is a variation of cotton fabric. Its texture is rougher, it's thicker and stronger, it reminds of linen, but not so harsh.


Batiste is also a cotton. Only woven from very thin combed cotton threads, therefore, although it looks thin, almost transparent, is very strong, durable.

Satin is a very dense and gentle long-fibre combed cotton fabric, reminding of silk because of its gloss. It wears out slower and retains the colour well. This fabric is easy to iron, so those who don't like to iron should choose satin bedding. Please note: quality satin composition is 100% cotton. If it contains synthetic fibre impurities, bedding will wrap with little balls.


Damask - highest quality satin type. This is like a satin glossy luxury fabric made of very thin yarn. It is wounded by Jacquard technology (fabric is woven out of woven fabrics of changes in detail patterns and a sense of three-dimensional). Most often, the patterns are the same colour as the background, but they can also be wounded from different colour threads.


Flannel - also cotton, but with a nap, so it seems that it heats better. Especially loved in winter. A disadvantage - in the long run, the nap wraps into little bundles and the bedding doesn't look so beautiful anymore. If you buy a little more expensive, sheared flannel, it will be just as smooth, and won't lose its good look after a lot of washings.


Knitwear - lightweight, soft, wraps well, don't crease. Minus - the bedding of this material may look a little messy and stretches fast.


Percale - canvas fabric made of cotton for kids bedding. Especially dense, so gentle, and at the same time very strong.


The cotton and synthetic mixture entangles, wears out faster, the fabric wraps with little balls after a few washings. Air permeability deteriorates, it doesn't absorb so much moisture.


Crumpled cotton, synthetic or mixed fabric bedding can still be corrugated (crumpled). It doesn't require ironing, this is the biggest advantage.


Linen is rarer and rougher, heavier and durable. It is unchangeable in the summer because it evenly dissipates moisture, maintains the same body temperature. In winter, the linen warms the body. In addition, it has antibacterial properties, suitable for allergic people, conducts air. Those who like linen can already choose Lithuanian linen bedding, which is much softer and the appearance isn't different.


Silk - royal fabric. Especially suitable for summer when the body craves coolness. And in winter you will stay warm in it. Doesn't accumulate moisture, allergens. It is said that silk calms, it even contains the amino acids necessary for our body.


How to wash?

Even if you buy the most quality and most expensive bedding, it will look nice and last for long if you will take a proper care of it.

The thinner fabric is, the softer it needs to be treated.  Silk is extremely delicate. Silk bedding is best to wash at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees, with special liquid measures for soft fabrics. Recommended Wash Mode - for wool, in case your machine doesn't have a special program for silk.

Cotton, satin, damask, batiste, canvas, flannel can be washed at any temperature up to 60 degrees.

Linen can be washed at any temperature you choose. If the bedding is very dirty - choose higher temperature. Colour should also be taken into account: if the linen is painted brighter, it is better to wash at a lower temperature.


We are sure that in our online shop, you will surely find both a proper bedding and a great gift - a quality bedding set for your loved ones.

What can be better than a calm and healthy sleep. Wrappind into clean and rustling bedding makes each day more memorable and special.


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