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During a training or competition, we lose a lot of fluids - it is eliminated with sweat, evaporates during breathing and from a hot body surface. According to doctors, the body reacts slowly to the loss of moisture: when thirst occurs, the body has already lost 1% of moisture and that results in a noticeable decrease in work capacity. Therefore, during intensive sports activities, it is necessary to restore water supply without waiting for thirst. And today special sports bottles are helping an athlete to ensure that.

You can ask: why to buy a special sports bottle if you can just buy a simple bottle of water? Of course, you can do that. However, there are a few arguments why it is more profitable to buy a special sports bottle.

1. Economics.

Once you spend a small amount of money, you won't need to run to the store before each workout and spend money on water. In addition, many of us can use water supplied from the plumbing, which is clean and drinkable for many people, some have their own drinking water well or the ability to draw water from a natural source. Pour water into the sports bottle - and you are ready to go to do sports!

2. A large choice of beverages.

You can pour any type of drink you want into your personal sports bottle - from simple water to your own made juice or sports cocktails. And in the shops, the choice is limited - you can buy only limited flavours of juice, even isotonic cocktails for athletes won't be easy to find in every athlete store.

3. Hygiene and safety.

Of course, you can buy a bottle of water from the store and use it, but this is not the best option. First of all, these bottles are disposable according to their purpose. Nobody knows what chemicals will be released from the plastic during long-term use and what bacterias hide in the narrow neck of the bottle. Secondly, this bottle is for water only, but not for juice or isotonic drinks and etc. The sports bottles are intended for multiple-use, are made of suitable materials and have an appropriate shape and design.

Reuse of water bottles can be dangerous for your health!

4. Easy to use.

A sports bottle is much more comfortable to use. Its advantages: a) a comfortable, easy to hold in hands form; b) a wide neck suitable for washing and drinking; c) many models have a special straw so you don't need to open the lid; d) the lid of many models is connected to a strap, which is convenient to attach or hang up the sports bottle.

5. Prestige.

No matter what people say, an athlete with a special sports bottle or a cocktail shaker looks more serious and self-assured than having a cheap bottle of water from a shop. Probably no one will tell you this, or maybe others won't even think so, but such details turn out to be secretly affecting our relationship with others.


6. Ecology.

The use of a special sports bottle shows your attention to the surrounding environment - then you don't need to buy a new plastic bottle every time, that later will be thrown away. Perhaps this is not important for everyone, but this moment cannot be overlooked, because it is very important for ecology.

What kind of sports bottle to buy: big or small?

Both options have its pluses and minuses. It is very difficult to choose a sports bottle for all life situations. If you are only occasionally engaged in fitness or running in the mornings and don't sweat a lot, then you won't need much water. In this case, get a 300-500 ml bottle - it will be more convenient to hold, it won't be heavy and there will be enough water. Well, if you are a strong athlete who is engaged in strength training 3 times a week and sweat a lot, herewith you weigh about 120 kg, it is worth choosing a bigger sports bottle - 1.5-2 litres capacity will be just fine.

We are inclined to the fact that a bigger sports bottle is better than a small one. First of all, it is more universal. You can use it not only in the gym, but also take it with you on leisure trips, to the beach when playing volleyball with your friends, kayaking, or maybe you will go for a walk with your family or ride a bike. Finally, it can be filled with a delicious drink, tea, compote, etc. and carried in the car.

The main plus of a big sports bottle is its thermal inertia - it keeps the beverage cool longer in the summer and hot in the winter.


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Visada maniau, kad gertuvės reikalingos tik profesionaliems atletams, o man užteks nusipirkti buteliuką vandens sporto salėje.. Tik perskaičiusi supratau, kaip kaskart pirkdama vis naują pakuotę, švaistau pinigus ir teršiu aplinką ???? Skubu rinktis gertuvę ir bėgu į salę pasidalinti naujom žiniom su draugėm ????✌Ačiū už įdomią informaciją, puikus blogas!
Perskaičiau ir nutariau, gana tų buteliukų ! Noriu gertuvės ! Noriu sportuodama atrodyti stilingai ir nenoriu bakterijų.... Ačiū Jums, kad netingite surinkti ir taikliai pateikti informaciją mums, tingintiems patiems jos ieškoti :)
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