3 Simple Steps to Choose a Gift

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When holidays and a common gift marathon are coming, thoughts about gifts take over our minds. What to choose for your beloved, children, parents, friends? It repeats over and over again when some memorable day or celebration is near. Do you know this feeling? What's going on? We are surfing on google, thinking about the person's hobbies, asking friends what kind of gifts he would like, and some are asking directly: "What gift would you like to get?" And finally, when nothing comes to our head, we travel to an unknown supermarket and wander around in search of mysterious gift. Have you experienced this?

After a long and hard search, we finally choose and buy "something right". Then we start to think and blame ourselves, whether the gift will appeal to a loved one, friend or acquaintance. Sometimes, even after giving the gift, without receiving proper appreciation and assessment, we suffer from thoughts that we didn't succeed to give joyful warm greeting. And all this is constantly repeating. How to avoid it?

The first step. It may seem strange. However, if you don't have a sincere desire to congratulate and give something, and there is only a thought that it's necessary or accepted to do so, then you don't have to do it at all. It's hard to believe, but it will be better for everyone. By giving a gift, we place part of our soul in it and share it with the person we congratulate. The atmosphere of entire holiday depends on the emotion with which you greet someone, and it is impossible to act or hide it.

The second step, perhaps the most important. It is important that our gift is practically useful. Each of us have received such gifts that first collect dust on our shelves until we forget who gave them and eventually threw them away. Therefore, when choosing a gift, we have to remember and evaluate if such a gift is interesting not only for us, but most importantly - if it will be beneficial for the person we congratulate.

It will be much easier to choose a gift if you think about the person to whom the gift will be given, if you know the person you are welcoming, you have carefully listened to him and you are interested in his lifestyle and know what he is dreaming about. If the gift is purchased at the last moment before the holiday, you simply won't have time to think and remember the wishes and dreams of this person.

Don't think about various taboos and superstitions about what is accepted as a gift and what is not. Listen to your inner voice and don't forget that we are all different. What for one is a taboo or an unwanted gift, can give the other person an endless joy.

If your inner voice keeps silent, ask your friends what they would like to receive, what they are going to give to others. When choosing a gift, use a variety of opinions and tips, but decide by yourself.

It's an art to give gifts. Don't be afraid to be wrong! Finally, this isn't your last gift.

If you can't figure out what to give, or if you are afraid to make a mistake, it's better to buy a gift coupon and let the person choose the desired gift by himself.

The third step. Each of us while waiting for gifts, expect pleasant emotions, and for children - it's an expectation for a miracle.

I think this is the most important thing we should remember when choosing and giving a gift. Let's imagine ourselves in the place of a person who will be gifted and we are filled with good emotions right away. Pack up the gift so that the feeling of surprise remains until the last moment. Write fun and sincere greeting cards by hand. Create an atmosphere of waiting: first, an unknown courier presents a flower or box with a gift, creates an excitement of uncertainty, and then you show up...

Sometimes flowers and a cup of aromatic coffee with a sweet dessert can brighten up the holiday for a loved one and give him pleasant feelings.Fantasize!

The most interesting thing is that we know almost everything written here, but somehow we don't do this.

Think about how you can make a surprise when giving a gift to a loved one. Remember that the gift should be useful for person. Make a gift from your heart. Spend unforgettable moments of holidays together. Then you can be sure that you've done everything you could. Don't wait or ask for anything back, since you've made the gift from your heart.

A gift is a great opportunity to remind your relatives, how precious and necessary they are for you, and that you don't forget them.

Give people good mood and emotions, give gifts!

Surprise each other!

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